Kristen L. Graney

Creator - Storyteller - Video Editor

K risten Lauren Graney

Kristen Lauren Graney

Simultaneously delighted and terrified by the progression of technology, I believe that content is fundamental and should be enhanced by, not replaced with, high tech mechanics.  Know your message and your audience and your story will unfold.

My somewhat obsessive (did I say somewhat?) organizational skills provide a clarity that allow me to manage multiple projects with the required attention to detail.  I approach a goal with the rigidity necessary to make sure it’s done right and the flexibility needed to change course when I’m on the wrong path.  (I’d like to thank the dozens of middle-schoolers I’ve worked with over the years for these acquired skills.)

I have a history of long-term employment and an extensive body of freelance work.  For over seven years, I held the position of Educational Television Supervisor at Greenburgh Central School District No. 7 (see Educational Media).  I worked on a number of film productions in varying departments before establishing my own digital video production company.  In 2011, I partnered with fellow Purchase alum Natasha Herring, pulling together a stellar cast and crew for the 48 Hour Film Project in New Haven (see Narrative).

Earning a BFA in Directing from SUNY Purchase, I've continued my formal education with graduate work in Media Literacy from Appalachian State University.  I continue to learn through a supportive network of professionals, trial and error, and life experience.  I’ve run a marathon in Italy (you would not expect this), spent seven hours in meditation at a Bodhi meditation center (I did not expect this) and traveled solo to an island I had only heard of thanks to a Lonely Planet travel guide.

I thrive in an environment where hard work is balanced with humor and collaboration is encouraged and embraced.