Kristen L. Graney

Creator - Storyteller - Video Editor

GC7: Building Bright Futures

Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by Kristen L. Graney.

After accepting the newly added position of Educational Television Supervisor at Greenburgh Central School District No. 7 in 2004,  I was given an office, a consumer video camera, ten dollar microphone, and a plastic tripod.  In order to broadcast on the town’s educational channel, I had to drive a VHS tape to the local community college where the tape would play on loop from 9am until 4pm.  When asked to build a video department, I was ready with a vision that would lead the district to the 21st century by providing facilities, equipment, programs, and services that support media literacy education.

By 2012, I worked with an assistant in the new educational media center in the middle/high school.  We trained teachers and students in digital video production both in and after school.  We produced, shot and edited productions in our new television studio and out in the field.  Programs were broadcast from our office on a dedicated educational access channel.  Middle and high school students brought cameras home (and returned them intact) and brought their footage back to edit on Final Cut Pro.  Fourth, fifth and sixth graders learned how to shoot a close-up, hold a boom and edit on Final Cut Express.  Game shows were made, film festivals had and pizza parties thrown.

I was the Project Lead on the educational media center.  Have a look at some before and after photos.